Confused about the Different Types of Electricians?

What Does a Journeyman Electrician Service Provider Do?

A journeyman electrician does work on electrical systems, such as light installation, power supplies, mechanical connections, security systems, and communications. They could work in residential homes or commercial structures or even on overhead lines. While most, upon entering this field, are employed in construction, a journeyman can find work in such places as utility companies, electrician service companies and manufacturing plants.

The way to becoming a journeyman begins with an individual going into an apprenticeship program. They work in the day and go to an apprentice program in the evening. After four years, they will be eligible to take the exam which is given by individual states based on the National Electric Code. Upon completion of the said exam, a person will be a certified journeyman electrician.

Once certification is obtained, a journeyman will be able to work unsupervised on any kind of electrical system. They could install or repair conduits and wiring, put in fixtures and fittings, or install power lines for municipal associations. More advanced jobs could include wiring fire alarm or installing wiring control on a building’s mechanical systems. In residential homes, a journeyman can perform different aspects of installing a complete electrical system. The journeyman is also, by now, able to train others, usually apprentices, working for their own certification.

While a journeyman can do a broad range of jobs, they are not, however, allowed to obtain electrical permits or design work on electrical systems. To be able to do these, a journeyman has to have two extra years of work experience and then take a Master’s Exam Certification. Upon completion of this, they are then able to design systems and open their own business.

In the electrical industry, people will face various obstacles in their working conditions. To start with, there is the risk factor involved in working on electrical systems, more so on the high voltage power lines. People working on municipal power systems also face danger when they are climbing poles or putting in overhead lines.

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