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What Does an Electrical Service Technician Do?

An electrical service technician is someone who maintains electrical equipment in a variety of settings. An person in this industry could work on household electronic equipment, plus any devices found in business. Sometimes an electrical service technician is hired by retail outlets who sell various types of electronic equipment. Others could work for electronic service firms instead. Also, there are some technicians that work for themselves and have their own businesses.

The job of these technicians could vary, all depending on where they work and the kinds of equipment they work with, most within this field work on household equipment. For instance, a person could repair televisions, computers, alarm systems, home theatre appliances and music stereos. Some, however, could focus more on repairing a businesses electronic equipment, such as computers, alarm systems, and fax/copy machines. With some cases, this professional could also service portable equipment which a customer brings in for repair. With others, the technician may travel to their customer’s location to offer their services.

Apart from repairing electrical appliances, an electrical service technician could be called to do validation, troubleshoot systems, and debug all circuit boards. They are normally expected to read schematics, and use the right tools to complete the tasks which are given to them. They could also do circuit testing too.

The requirements an individual has to meet to successfully become a fully fledge electrical service technician will greatly depend on where they work and the preferences of employers in their locale. With many cases, a person looking to become an electrical service technician will need a high school diploma. Most aspiring technicians obtain training via a vocational school program or by getting on the job training from a time served as a technician. Some even get Associate Degrees in similar fields. Plus, there are some employers that are looking for applicants that have earned their certification.

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