Think You May Have a Problem with Your Electrical Panel?

When to Know You Need a Professional Electrician Service Provider

A service panel, as any professional electrician service will tell you, is an electrical box that draws power from utility lines and carries it to different circuits within a building. This is usually found near to the electrical meter, and it is a vital part of an electrical system. People need to familiarize themselves with the placement of a service panel in their homes, so they will know exactly where to go if there is a problem with the electrics.

Buildings which are connected to the electrical grid will get what is referred to as a service drop, this is a connection to the grid that permits a building to get electrical power. The size of a service drop will vary. A standard household one, for instance, could be 100 amps. Larger ones are used on buildings such as factories that require more power to meet their requirements.

A service drop will travel through an electrical meter, which allows it to measure how much power is being used, and then into a service panel. It normally goes through a main breaker. Having one of these is vital because it allows people to switch off the power to a building with only one breaker. After which, the power is then distributed to a series of circuits that are also controlled by breakers. These are circuits like ones used in water heaters and stoves. They require their own circuits due to the high energy which is used.

Service boxes are sometimes known as fuse boxes. Service boxes require fuses as a safety precaution. In case there is a problem with the electrical current, the fuses would simply blow, thus switching off power and decreasing the chances of a fire, shock, or other events. When it comes to electrics,homeowners should always call an electrician service provider for help.

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